Sunday, February 28, 2010

Strange Backyard Birds

Baby Green Heron

Turkey Vulture

Great Blue Heron. He ate all the neighbors gold fish, not once but several times. The neighbor finally gave up trying to have a gold fish pond.

Most of the time these birds don't land in your backyard but all these did.


  1. What camera do you use for the owl box? I'm a wildlife rehabilitator and I'm looking at getting an outdoor camera to use on my raccoon habitat. Have any good recommendations?

  2. I love your pics - I love the Molly Cam - you are really blessing so many people - but the number of kids you are touching is amazing! I am excited to see so many families (homeschool esp) tuning in and watching live nature happen - it is great! Thank you for your investment of time, money and your heart!!

  3. Ha! I think it would be worth laying out a few bucks at the pet store to treat a heron to lunch.

  4. popped over from Molly's cam feed. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. It has been thrilling. Wonderful pictures on your blog too. Are all the pictures taken on or from your property (unless otherwise mentioned)?

  5. ummm, that turkey vulture head looks similar to the owlets right now. Are you sure McGee was involved? ;)

  6. Great pictures, great blog.
    Corina from germany