Sunday, February 28, 2010

Molly The World Famous Female Barn Owl

This is Molly the world famous female barn owl roosting on the perch outside her house. She has been on Ustream since February 15, 2010 and has had 33,000 views.

These are the dates she laid her eggs and the estimated hatch dates. Owl eggs hatch one at a time and approximately 30 to 34 days after being laid.

Egg 1 2/13/10 12:15 PM Est. Hatch 3/14-17/10
Egg 2 2/16/10 07:23 AM Est. Hatch 3/16-20/10
Egg 3 2/18/10 09:13 AM Est. Hatch 3/18-22/10
Egg 4 2/20/10 11:07 AM Est. Hatch 3/20-24/10
Egg 5 2/22/10 02:00 PM Est. Hatch 3/22-26/10
Egg 6 2/25/10 09:35 AM Est. Hatch 3/25-29/10


  1. Unless my adding is wrong I still think your a day off on the hatch time, the average hatch time is 33 days so egg on would be 3-18, egg 2 would be 3-21 and so on, so today maybe egg one unless egg one is the one that bit the dust, a great thing you have done here, really touched alot of people and got them thinking about nature, its wonderful, great work, I have a spot on flickr and love to take photos of birds, raptors are my favorite, if you have time take a look

  2. To learn more about Barn Owls and nestbox construction, visit:

  3. Would you post who built the owl box Molly is using? And a website if possible? Thanks!

  4. Tom Stephan is the mastermind behind the Owl boxes, and here is his website!

  5. As a disabled person of 60+ years, i appreciate stepping back into my youth when my parents were wild bird enthusiasts in our own backyard. Our property, at the time, was surrounded by undeveloped canyon and we had fun watching [especially after dark] all manner of iniginous wildlife wander through the yard. Noteworthy was a Great Horned Owl that we surmised was somebody's pet because it seemeed so comfortable to roost in our portacarpus tree by day.. My brother, who worked at 'Taco Bell', used to bring the owl -> MERLIN [we called him] a ball of spicy ground beef wrapped in celephane. My brother would hurl it high into the air and MERLIN would easily catch it while it was still in the air.

  6. I am amazed, I have had other birds nest in my back yard too but never any large birds. Owls have always be so scarce but very manificent when you get a glimps. Last concert down at the coor theater, when the concert started, No Doubt, the Owl flew out of the rafter of the stage it was amazing. Thank you for sharing the world this wonderful event, most will never see one and you have provide us with such an insight to the nature of this beautiful animal. thank you.:o)

  7. Your bird photos are wonderful. I love the owlcam. Keep up the good work.

    Susan Ahalt
    Cody, WY

  8. What happened to the website that had all of Carlos' wonderful pictures, mostly at night? It included the video of his property and his rockers, etc. I can't find it anymore.

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  10. This is a confession, I have never seen an owl in my entire life, how sad is that! lol!
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