Sunday, February 28, 2010

McGee the World Famous Barn Owl

This McGee, the world famous male barn owl.


  1. I love this pic cause when McGee visits Molly, we barely catch a glimpse before he's gone.

  2. I love watching Molly. I just wrote about her in my yoga blog. She helps remind us to slow down and focus on what is important.

    Meeting Molly

  3. To learn more about Barn Owls and nestbox construction, visit:

  4. Carlos. I learned about Molly from one of my Twitter friends. I have so enjoyed my time spent with her since then. I am so addicted to Molly and Max and what little we see of McGee. Thank you so much for allowing us into the unseen world of nature that we seldom get to see.

  5. I can't thank you enough for bringing Molly and her beautiful family to all of us. I work at my coomputer most days. I use 2 monitors and always have Molly up on one of them. Whatever will we all do when this is done. Count the days till next year I guess in hopes that Molly comes back to raise another family. Keep up the great work. We all support you. Just ordered my book and can't wait. Want to share it with my 90 year old Mom who has no access to a computer and wouldn't use one if she did.
    All my best,
    My Puppy Dog Tales

  6. I still don't see how the light gets in. Molly appears to be jumping up to get out??

  7. Does McGee feed Molly on the other side of the house? I love to see this, thank you for sharing with us !

  8. Molly we're all like expectant grandparents waiting for owlette #5. April Fool's?

    Love everything that is here to enjoy.

    Thank you.

  9. WONDERFUL photos of McGee, Carlos! Nice job!

  10. Carlos-
    Not only a learning experience, BUT HEALING as well. My father, retired from a top position within the FAA, is 74 and legally blind. But with the help of his sight assisted programs and THANKS TO MOLLY & can't get him off his computer! He is as into this as my sis & I. We're part of the "MOD Squad"

    Sincerely, thank you for this experience.

  11. Does anyone know where to find the P.O. Box for Carlos? My students want to send him their stories.

  12. Molly (and Carlos & Donna) can receive mail at:
    Molly Royal
    P.O. Box 2697
    San Marcos, CA 92079

    This, and more information is down below the chat stream on the ustream page.

  13. Molly and family have been an absolute joy to watch. I find myself checking in first thing in the morning and monitoring her through out the day and evening. I have fallen head over heels in love with her, McGee and the owlets!
    Thank you Carlos and Donna for this wonderful experience!